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S - Manual sandblasting

S - Manual sandblasting

Suited to the use of multiple abrasive and numerous benefits.
From descalers and cleaning mold, the glazing, smoothing, finishing of manufactured metal and non, smears, etc..
It is particularly suitable for intensive cycle of work, as it uses a cabinet-autonomous filter, which allows a constant speed of dust abatement.
Hard metal structure, with accurate external finishing painting.
Internal floor with perforated metal sheet or in the version with rotating platform Ø 900 (only for S / 2) covered with abrasive rubber.
Frontal gate a full view. Rational internal lighting.
Internal sides of the cabin covered with special anti-abrasive rubber.
Large glass window, to see the work. Flexible over sleeve, glove terminal for the handling of pieces by the operator.
Pressure regulator. Separator filter for the air. Control panel with pneumatic and electrical equipment. Manual spray gun with nozzle in hard metal.
Separator cyclone with aspirator from 0,5 Hp with relative properly filter.
The machine can be provided in the version with automatic spray gun and automatic rotating platform.

Technical information

  • Feeding tension: V 400 - 50 Hz
  • Compressed air supply: Pipe Ø ½” gas
  • Connection from cabin to cyclone: Flexible pipe Ø 120 (equipped 1 m)
  • Power consumption: Kw 1,5
  • Compressed air consumption: 500 Litre to minute
  • Work pressure: from 2 to 10 bar
  • Noise level: under 70 dB

Mod. S/1

Mod. S/2

Internal dimension
mm 600x600x h 700
mm 1000x 1000x h 700
External dimension
mm 600x600x h 1450
mm 1000x 1000x h 1600
Transition piece
mm 510 x h 700
mm 900 x h 700
Platform range
Kg 100
Kg 300
Machine weight
Kg 150
Kg 380



Automatic air dust collector with cartridge model DCL 1-5-900

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